New Enemy of the State

Sorry to get your hopes up if you thought this post was going to be about a new version of the 1998 Will Smith hit Enemy of the State. Our enemy in the post is Ron Nehring and the State is California. Californian Republican Party Chair, Ron Nehring announced last Wednesday that the GOP is officially against legalizing marijuana. Honestly I don’t think this dude read the Tax and Regulate Cannabis initiative because his claims against legalizing are ridiculous. He’s been quoted saying:

The last thing California needs is hundreds of thousands of more people getting high, and the costs to society that would come from widely expanded drug use.

The health and public safety costs of expanded marijuana use would far outweigh any tax revenue raised from legalizing the drug.

He’s even gone as far as saying that if marijuana was legalized it’s price would drop and it would be easier for children to obtain. How the hell is this dude gonna say the price is gonna drop, if anything the government is going to jack the prices of legal marijuana way up and capitalize on it. Not only will the prices likely go up, but it will be regulated like alcohol and tobacco making it more difficult for children to obtain. I feel like this guy will be more or less a speed bump in the efforts to legalize marijuana this November, I would hope his flawed logic is obvious enough not to persuade people.

Check out more on this issue over at Ohh Burn

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