New Hampshire State Senate Delays Medical Marijuana Bill Vote

New Hampshire is where Ron Paul aficionados congregate because their state motto is now a freakin’ Die Hard title. So you wonder about their State Senate holding up a new bill allowing  patients 2 ounces or less of medical marijuana. All sorts of tomfoolery is going on here with the governor and others. After the jump, some erudite diction; also, more on this story 🙂

Two years ago the New Hampshire legislature passed a bill for medical marijuana, but Governor John Lynch vetoed it. The State House of Representatives voted to overturn the veto, but it fell two votes short in the Senate. In March of this year, again the House of Representatives in New Hampshire voted 221-96 without debates. Now the Senate is putting the kabosh on the bill:

The Senate voted Wednesday to postpone action on the bill that would legalize possession of less than 2 ounces of marijuana if the drug is for medical purposes. Sen. Ray White, a Bedford Republican, said the Senate does not plan to vote on it this year.

Not that it really matters because “Lynch said he would veto the current proposal.” So there you have it. A divided state legislature and a Governor that is diametrically opposed to the idea of alleviating chronic pain in Cancer patients and others because he

On a completely unrelated note, when I drive through New Hampshire (generally for only small slivers of time), I ALWAYS TAKE MY SEAT BELT OFF!* I don’t condone this behavior, but I see that sign for “Live Free or Die” and I know it’s the only state in the union where you’re not legally required to wear a seat-belt. Obviously NH residents pay out of their asses in state taxes, but they don’t have to wear seat belts if they don’t want too, and I’m pretty sure everyone owns and carries a concealed weapon. Ron Paul indeed.

[; Pic via militant libertarian & public contracting]

*Don’t do this. Seat belts save lives.

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