New Jersey’s Chris Christie will FINALLY implement medical marijuana program [Video]

In a very surprising change-of-heart, New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie has decided to allow the Garden State’s medical marijuana program to move forward, with dispensaries open before the end of the year.  Christie has roadblocked the NJ medical marijuana program again and again so this is a welcome change of heart.

“I have been struggling, as has my administration, to find a way to accomplish what I wanted to accomplish. Which is to provide compassionate treatment to those who are suffering, in a way that will not expose them, the operators of our dispensaries, the employees of the state of New Jersey to criminal liability. But that is a lot easier said than done.” Said Christie in his statement. “That is why we have taken the steps we’ve taken. Set up a regulatory system that makes this a very narrow and medically-based program that will not lead itself to the abuses we’ve seen, particularly in California and Colorado.”

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  1. Tom July 27, 2011 at 10:18

    As a greenie from NJ, I gotta say this is bullshit man. I mean yeah it's great the fat fuck is finally doing what he's bound by law (I assume, don't quote me) to do. I was at the first medical marijuana convention in Atlantic City this past month and I have to say it was downright pathetic. Look at how large the ones for the other states are. I volunteered at the NORML booth and was the only person to show up the entire day (volunteer wise)! In any other state my scoliosis and ADD (both diagnosed and documented) would be grounds for a medical license? In NJ? The chances are about as fat as our governor. If you don't have cancer or AIDS, you're not getting a card. What about my mother? She's on a cocktail of over 20 pills A DAY including some severe opioid pain killers for both her Rheumatoid Arthritis and a bulging disc in her spine. And yet she doesn't qualify. She's become addicted to the pain meds because the doctors don't wean you off, they just stop you cold turkey. My mother is not a drug addict by choice. She's a product of Big Pharma. She won't smoke because she works for a law firm who drug test regularly and they would fire her for coming up positive. Christie disgusts me to the pit of my stomach for what he's doing. If Corzine were still in office he would never have allowed all these restrictions. My only hope is that with enough time the choke hold on these restrictions will lessen and we'll kick Christie out on his ass. It's time to see patients who use medical marijuana as that: patients. Not criminals, not drug addicts. It's not a drug. It's a plant. And I love it. Stay toasty my friends.

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