New Jersey Man Gets 5 Years For Growing Marijuana

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A 55-year-old New Jersey man whose many marijuana plants were found by police in part because he didn’t mow his lawn is now headed to state prison.

Yes, you read it right because he didn’t mow his own lawn and collect his piled up mail. Neighbors became worried when they didn’t see Mr. Watts for days and called the police in concern for him. Little did they know he was in his basement harvesting 50+ marijuana plants. He claims that they were for personal use, ya, we believe that one. I can see Watts being glued to his basement 24/7 because of the great marijuana plants growing down there. But not being able to mow your own grass or collect your mail, C’mon Son. Your weed was either that good or your just that lazy. Regardless he is now in prison for 1 year at least and is available for parole after that. There’s always those marijuana smokers that make the civil ones look bad. This is one of them.

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