New Jersey Not Liking the Taste of Medibles

Edible medicine — cannabis made into an edible form — is causing stress in the Garden State.


Medical marijuana dispensaries in New Jersey are still struggling to produce edibles and other cannabis-infused products due to the state’s small patient size and stiff regulations.

Bill Thomas, owner of the Compassionate Care Foundation in Egg Harbor, submitted plans in February to make cannabis capsules and lotions, which he hoped to begin selling this summer.
Thomas told the Philadelphia Enquirer that he has scrapped the idea entirely since his business has just 250 regular patients.

Michael Weisser, owner of the Garden State Dispensary in Woodbridge, purchased an extraction machine to produce edibles earlier this year. Weisser said state health officials observed a demonstration of his manufacturing process last month, but they have yet to approve his operation.
. . .
Thomas said he is so discouraged he is telling dispensary operators who have yet to open to table their businesses plans entirely. Thomas predicted he would have 5,000 total patients, but so far only 600 have registered with his business.

Is there some reason the products must be produced in NJ? They can’t buy from a producer in Colorado? Just asking. Making it impossible to open sure sounds like a certain bridge a while back, yes?

As always there is more to the story at the original post WHICH IS HERE.

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Author: DavidB

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  • Tony Aroma

    “Is there some reason the products must be produced in NJ?”

    Uh, federal law. Interstate trafficking of a controlled substance is illegal, and is one of the items on the DEA’s so-called list of priorities.

    • DavidB

      That’s a good point. Guess the fact that it would not be illegal in, say, Colorado or NJ after re-leg (either end of this imaginary shipment), seems not so important?