New Study Finds Teens using Marijuana More Instead of Alcohol and Tobacco

Here’s some very interesting news for all us greenies. A survey from the “Monitoring the Future” report found that teens alcohol and cigarette consumption is at its lowest point in the past 30 years. Instead of teens using these they are using marijuana as an alternative. It was found that 1 out of 15 students in 10th and 12th grades use pot on a daily or near-daily basis.

The use most of other “illicit drugs”, like cocaine and inhalants, also continues to go down or hold steady, but more than a quarter of those polled said that they tried marijuana in the last year, which is the highest rate since 1981. The researchers suggest that the increasing availability of medical marijuana is a contributing factor, but the biggest reason is much simpler: Kids don’t consider pot to be a dangerous drug. The idea that more and more teenagers consider booze to be more harmful than marijuana (and are acting accordingly) shows and interesting shift in the attitudes on drugs.

This is a very interesting shift to see in this country especially because of how much the previous generation disliked marijuana a great deal and chose alcohol as their go-to choice for relaxation. However it’s all too often that we see people become casual drinkers for the purpose of unwinding only later to become a full-fledged alcoholic. I myself have seen it and it’s not pretty, especially once everything hits the fan. How often though do we hear of a marijuana user losing everything in their life because they cannot function in society any longer? Rarely if ever. The two, though often compared to each other as similar, in reality are very different and fortunately now even the teenagers in this country realize what our government still has yet to realize; marijuana is a safer alternative to alcohol and cigarettes.


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Author: dankOG420

I blaze daily, love writing for HMJ, and pushing the Greenie movement forward!

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