New Voices Calling for Change


Charlottesville, Virginia was home to Thomas Jefferson.  It is a beautiful area of the country, worth a visit.  And, its’ wise and understanding citizens, speaking through their elected officials, have asked for a better future.  The Charlottesville City Council says it’s time for the state of Virginia to rethink its policies on marijuana possession.
Media outlets report that the council adopted a resolution Monday night calling on Virginia to revisit sentencing guidelines for simple marijuana possession. It also proposes eliminating rules that suppose intent to distribute marijuana without evidence. Don’t miss that — now, in Virginia, in a trial, the finder-of-fact can suppose intent (to distribute) on the part of the defendant without their being any evidence of intent (to distribute). Ouch.

The resolution by the City Council also asks the General Assembly and the governor to “give due consideration” to bills that would decriminalize, legalize or regulate marijuana like alcohol.

Here is added yet another voice, this one speaking with civil authority, calling for change. Greenies, go, today, and speak to the unenlightened of the change which is coming. The more people talking about it, the more buzz we can generate, the quicker it will happen. Original story is here.

[image: Google images Charlottesville, VA]

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