New Year = No Fear

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materials turn conscious in 2010...dope!

This post was written by L D Green, Click here to read more by this author

Who knew the New Year was going to be such a big hit? Every one is buzzing about 2010 and its potential, the anticipation is worse than watching the ball drop from Times Square. However, for those awaiting the commencement, rethinking resolutions can be stressful…(drum roll, please)….BUT! Have no fear, the U.S. Government has their societal priorities in check, just in time for the great holiday where Americans like to put an end to their year-long “bad behavior”–they’ve got your back with a short and sweet list of resolution ideas, starting with “Lose Weight,” the obvious number one problem in America…pfffft!

Well, you know what we say here at HMJ, roll up a fatty, chase it with a bottle of champagne and top off the night with some sloppy kisses–nothing rings in the holiday’s like a middle finger and a grin 🙂  Happy Year of Continual Change–Resolutions are for whimps, reevaluate often, love boldly and smoke often.

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Author: L D Green

fro fa sho.

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