New York MMJ’s Strange Start

Medical marijuana is underway in New York. This strange start can speak for itself.


On Friday, July 31, the New York State Department of Health (DOH) announced that five companies would be awarded one of the coveted licenses to grow and dispense medical marijuana in New York including PharmaCann LLC; Empire State Health Solutions LLC; Columbia Care NY LLC; Etain, LLC; and Bloomfield Industries Inc.

The announcement came after a competitive bidding process through which 43 industry groups contended for the five licenses. Each producer is restricted to opening only four dispensaries each, and they will only be allowed to produce five strains or brands of medical marijuana; all products must be in pill, oil or tincture form. The price of the medicine will be set by the Commissioner of Health.

[editor’s emphasis]

There is quite a bit more to this complete original post.

Just don’t smoke it. As we often find ourselves saying, a small step in the right direction is still moving in the right direction. It is good to remember that only recently have people been hearing the truth about cannabis. Imagine living your whole life with a lie. Well, we all did, so it shouldn’t be hard to imagine.

Time to fix the mess.


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