New Yorks Finest

New Daily News – Officer Patrick Pogan, 22, of the Midtown South Precinct, was bounced to desk duty soon after the video of Friday’s incident in Times Square appeared on YouTube.

“The video is bad – what can you say?” a police source said. The damning video not only revealed an out-of-the-blue attack but also seems to show Pogan lied about the incident in court papers.

Pogan was one of two cops at Seventh Ave. and 46th St. monitoring a Critical Mass bike rally when a swarm of cyclists rode by ringing their bells about 9:35 p.m. Without warning, Pogan, a former high school football offensive lineman, appears to single out one cyclist, jog toward the sidewalk and then slam his shoulder into the biker.

The impact sent Christopher Long, 29, crashing to the pavement in front of shocked onlookers.

Well if you have lived in or around NYC at anytime than this video shouldn’t surprise you. The NYPD have been known for being overly brutal for years. I’m just surprised this guy wasn’t black.

The Cop is trying to get off by putting the blame on the Cyclist:

In court documents, Pogan said he saw Long weaving in and out of lanes and obstructing traffic before he ordered the cyclist to stop. The cop claimed Long deliberately drove his bike into him, sending both of them falling to the ground. Pogan claimed to have suffered cuts from the impact.

That’s not what goes down in the video at all.  It clearly looked like the biker was trying to avoid the cop and he got bodied.

You got some explaining to do.

So what we learned from this is that there will definitely never be a Tour de NYC as long as the NYPD have anything to say about it.

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