New Zealand seeks to create a health based conviction system for weed

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Imagevia NZ Herald

New Zealand is trying to lessen the amount of pot offenders in prison by changing their laws a little bit. Not quite decriminalizing it, but trying to convince the gov’t that Alcohol is more dangerous than Pot & giving users a chance with a “three strike” system. It’s not to say getting caught with Pot doesn’t have consequences, here’s how it’d work:

Under the proposal, a cannabis smoker would receive three warnings; the first two would include information on treatment, and on legal and health issues.

The third caution would require a user to attend an intervention session, and a fourth would result in prosecution.

Check out more after the jump. As interesting as the proposal sounds, it doesn’t look like the gov’t is going to approve it anytime soon:

Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne, in response to the review, said adopting the scheme was “highly unlikely”.

“The Government’s over-arching view is we’re not looking to change the legal status of cannabis. That has implications then obviously for the way in which you treat the substance and it’s not an area we’re likely to make any significant change in.”

He said the Government rejected the argument that alcohol was, in some circumstances, more dangerous than cannabis, and therefore cannabis should be treated with softer hands.

It’s unfortunate because New Zealanders are just trying to find a common ground with the gov’t & without truly giving the idea a shot, they shoot it down. Either way, this proposal shouldn’t die! This compromise should be considered in all countries where Marijuana is illegal. It’s fair for those who are only smoking & not distributing, not to mention the amount of tax dollars that could be saved from locking up people just trying to get high!

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Author: itslloyal

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