NFL Monday Night Wrap: Patriots barely escape Ravens

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Ok So I’m really getting sick of the Patriots. They are ruining this season for me. I didn’t even turn on the game until the fourth quarter because I figured that it was going to be a blowout. Much to my surprise, there was about 11 minutes to go and the Patriots were actually down 24-17.

I turned it on about the time when Kyle Boller through the ball into a spot where there were about four Patriots and the closest Raven was about 10 yards away. After the interception Rodney Harrison went over to Brian Billick and talked some smack. Apparently Billick likes to fight hate with love. Check out the video.

I guess he has a crush. I don’t know.

So back to the game. After the Patriots scored a field goal it was 24-2. The Ravens could not get a first down to save their lives. With about 3-4 minutes left the Patriots got the ball back. At that point you got the feeling that they were gonna take it down for the score.

With less than 2 minutes to go their was a fourth and 1 situation. The Ravens stopped Tom Brady on the QB sneak and they WON! Not so fast. Their defensive coordinator Rex Ryan called timeout right before the play. On the next play they stopped the Patriots again but there was a false start call against the Patriots. On fourth and six, Tom Brady who isn’t known for his scrambling skills, ran for the first down. Oh no!

Later the Ravens had them in another fourth down situation and they broke up the pass in the end zone. The Ref’s called a defensive holding call though, which again gave the Patriots another chance, sensing a theme here?

After that play the Ravens defense looked deflated with a lackluster pass rush and Brady with all kinds of time, he found Jabar Gaffney for the game winning score. Who?

The Ravens had one more shot though. Boller threw a hail mary that was actually caught but only a few yards out of endzone. Game over Patriots win again.

Here are the complete game highlights:

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Author: Lenny

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