NFL Players Jerome Simpson & Anthony Collins Busted in Weed Trafficking Sting

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I guess the recession is hitting us all really hard these days, even NFL football players, who make gabillions of dollars a season are looking for new ways to earn some side cash. Cincinnati Bengels players Jerome Simpson and teammate Anthony Collins were both arrested when cops busted into the home of the NFL wide receiver yesterday.

Too bad for Jerome Simpson that his supplemental income is considered to be a marijuana distribution house by law enforcement in the state of Kentucky.

According to reports, cops searched Simpson’s home after snagging a package that was shipped to his house — containing 2.5 pounds of Mary Jane — and then found another 6 pounds of weed, packaging materials, scales, and smoking devices.

Rubbish!! Personal use, I say! *wink*

Could be, right? Aren’t those football players extra big and so of course they would need extra weed.

Or maybe the additional weed was for the team? Wait, they can’t have any either.

I don’t know what to say about this one. Stay tuned as more information develops.

Our Fearless Leader @HailMaryJane will be sick behind this news, it’s sport season and I’m not sure what this means to the men-folk. 

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