NFL Week 11 Wrap

Browns make improbable FG

This was definitely one of the crazier games of the year. The Ravens made an unexpected comeback on the Browns at home. Up 30-27 at home, Phil Dawson attempted a 51 yard field goal to tie the game. The field goal hit the upright and bounced back onto the field. He missed it, and everyone can go home now right? Not so fast.

Fans had already began to leave the stadium and Ravens players were already in the locker rooms. Browns players argued that the ball did go through the uprights. Replays showed that they were correct. So the Ravens had to come back out to play some more football. The game would go to overtime and Phil Dawson would eventually hit the game winning field goal in overtime to seal the 33-30 victory over the Ravens and complete the season sweep.

I didn’t believe it either but check out the video for yourself.

Pats shake off the rust from bye week

The Patriots are an evil that cannot be stopped right now. Last night they beat the Bill 56-10. Ridiculous. Tom Brady had five touchdown passes, four of them going to Randy Moss. The Patriots become the 10th team since 1970 to start out 10-0.

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The Patriots scored TD’s on their first 7 possessions and despite being up 35-7 in the second quarter, they went for it on fourth and 1, scoring another touchdown on the play.

If there was any bright spot for the Bills, it was when Kevin Everett has been released from the hospital and is home now.

Will anyone beat the Patriots? I don’t know but Mercury Morris of the ’72 Dolphins (only undefeated team in NFL history) had something to say about it. Check it out:

He’s right. They need to stop asking those old players about that until someone actually does do it. This Patriots team looks like they might actually be able to pull it off though.

Other notable games

  • Tony Romo and Terrell Owens hooked up for four touchdowns as the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Washington Redskins 28-23.
  • The New York Jets defense swarmed Ben Roethlisberger for the whole game for 7 sacks in their 19-16 win over the Steelers in overtime. The key was in overtime when they punted to Jets return specialist Leon Washington who ran it back for 33 yards, getting them into range to take the game.

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