NFL Week 9 Recap

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Well I already did this once today but since wordpress decided to magically erase my whole article I need to do it again. I guess I need to start with my team, the Giants. After starting the season 5-0 they decided that winning wasn’t their style and have dropped 4 straight. I know that you can’t recover from injuries like your starting cornerback and safety but seriously, you have to be able to stop an 80 yard drive with only 2 minutes left. What’s sad is that when the Giants got a late interception I knew they had to score on the runback because they weren’t going to score from the 3. They got a field goal to increase it to a 6 point lead but then just let the Chargers march down the field and score an easy td. It was painful to watch and I had no weed to ease my pain at that point since I smoked it all during the first part of the game. I couldn’t even watch the Eagles and Dallas game because I couldn’t root for either one to win since they would be in first in the NFC East.

Here are the shitty highlights,

Chargers 21, Giants 20

Here are the highlights of the Cowboys Eagles game. I didn’t watch it but at least I didn’t play Miles Austin again in any of my fantasy leagues. Dude came out of nowhere to become the best receiver stats wise the last 4 weeks. I played him in the last 3 on multiple teams, sweet for me and my shitty season. Now both these teams are above the Giants in the standings, but they all play each other again so a lot can change.

Cowboys 20, Eagles 16

The Monday night game was a good one this week, with the Super Bowl Champs going to Denver to face the 6-1 Broncos. This game was a defensive struggle through the first 3 quarters, as the only td’s scored were on the defensive side. Kyle Orton ended up with 3 picks and the Broncos never got in the red zone. The Steelers offense didn’t look good at all, only scoring the first offensive td after a pick at the 20 and a quick score. They had one good drive at the end of the game which shut out all hope for the Broncos, who are now just one game up on the Chargers in the division. The Chargers always come on late in the season so the Bronco’s run could be close to over.

Steelers 28, Broncos 10

The undefeated teams won again this week even though I couldn’t watch either game since I’m in NY. The Saints came from behind for the third straight week to beat the Panthers and really look like the best team in the league. They have won every way possible the last couple of weeks and it really feels like they are the team of destiny for the year. I love watching Drew Brees throw to 7 or 8 different receivers every game and the defense can actually play this year so they don’t need to rely on him throwing 5 td’s every game. The Panthers have no passing game but do have two sick running backs that put up close to 200 yards. That kind of unbalanced offense will do no good against this team though, and Brees just marched down the field to score when he had to.

Saints 30, Panthers 20

The Colts just seem to me like they are in too many games that they win but don’t dominate. Peyton Manning is obviously awesome but their offense hasn’t put up that many points this year and their defense, much like the Giants, is experiencing the injury bug in the secondary, most notably Bob Sanders is out for the season again. Their weak division will let them easily get into the playoffs but there is no way they can beat the Steelers.

Colts 20, Texan 17

I don’t know if anyone in Cincinnati reads this column, but if they do I need to apologize. I’ve been ignoring the surprise team of the year in all my columns because I didn’t really think they were for real. The Bengals look like they can contend this year for the division crown, even though they have to go through Pittsburgh. They did beat the Ravens twice and the Steelers so far this year and will be playing them again this week for the division lead. I won’t even discuss them beating Cleveland because they unbelievably bad.

Their defense is surprisingly good and it finally looks like Carson Palmer is 100% from getting his knee blown out in the playoffs a couple years back. Cedric Benson is a lock for comeback player of the year and 85 is playing like he did 3 years ago. Every year there is a Cinderella story, and this year is the mighty Bengals.

Bengals 17, Ravens 10

The rest of the scores were as follows:

Falcons 31, Redskins 17
Cardinals 41, Bears 21

Jaguars 24, Chiefs 21

Patriots 27, Dolphins 17

Bucs 38, Packers 28
(sweet ass knocking 5 people out of my survivor pool)
Seahawks 32, Lions 20

Titans 34, 49ers 27

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Author: the white kid

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