Nice People Really do Take Drugs

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I find that stoners are some of the nicest, most down-to-earth people I’ve ever come across, which makes me incredibly happy to see a campaign like this being put into action. In an effort to alter the negative image behind illict drug use into a more positive light, this nonprofit organization based in the UK called Release plans to launch a Nice People Use Drugs campaign. The project seems really legit, too. Not only are they challenging these ridiculous stereotypes behind illicit drugs and their users but they’ve got some big names backing them; Oprah being one of the many. And you know that if Oprah is on board with something it’s gonna do big things.

We have to learn how to live with drugs, because they aren’t going anywhere. Drugs have been around for thousands of years and will be here for thousands more. We need to educate people about the possible harms of drug use, offer compassion and treatment to people who have problems, and leave in peace the  people who are not causing harm.

It’s a genuine cause they’ve got going and is definitely worth the support of each and every single Greenie. To find out more, check out

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Author: kelv.

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