NIKE’S Controversial Skunk Dunks

Bye far marijuana acceptance has come along way in the last 10 years.  I’m all for it……. well Nike designed a shoe that was released on April 20th 2010.  The sneaker is from the Dunk SB (Skateboarding) line.  They are the SKUNK DUNKS.  The shoes feature a stash pocket in the tongue, the interior sole has a green skunk with bloodshot eyes, the exterior is dark green, green, brown with a purple swoosh.  They are not made of hemp but the suede that they are made out of has a pulled look to give it that hemp material look.  These were extremely hard to find.  Only surf shops and skateboards shops received them as they are a SB and all the normal sneaker stores don’t have SB contracts with NIKE.  You can find these on ebay but be prepared to spend over 250 USD per pair.  Retail was 105 USD.  I scored my pair and have no intentions of selling them.  They will on the shelving unit in my spare bedroom along with my 144 pairs of Air Jordans.  Here are some picks of the SKUNKS so enjoy!!

Smoke it if you got it -NICK

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Author: Undercover Inhaler

I use my iolite vaporizer to go sneak a toke ate movies and then wright reviews. Large collection of Glassware Love women and I am in a relationship with Mary Jane

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