NJ Governor Rewrites Regulations And Limits THC Amount

Gov. Chris Christie rewrites medical marijuana legislation in New Jersey and limits the THC percentage of supply for New Jersey.

Governor Chris Christie is said to be the cause of a uprising of New Jersey lawmakers. Christie, who has already expressed his feelings on medical marijuana has signed into law new terms for the state. New legislation states that the Garden State have six fully-operational sites that will grow and distribute the states herbal medicine; a step up from the 2 originally proposed by the Governor.

I find the most peculiar part of this new law to be the restriction of the amount of THC in the medical marijuana. The cap of the THC that can make up the shrubbery is 10%, which is very low considering that that this weeks Medicated Monday feature strain can be between 13 and 16 percent and accessible to other who medicate in surrounding states. Note that New Jersey would be the first state to enact a THC cap.

With this new law, Christie also eliminates home delivery for patients and THC-based products such as lollipops or baked goods. No word on if the governor is aware of the good amount of those who medicate that would rather not actually ‘smoke’ for treatment; especially if the environment is not suitable for such type of medicating.

This news comes with another bill passed into office by Christie stating that any student who shows symptoms of a concussion is to be pulled out of their sport by the coach. This law applies to both public and private schools in the state.

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Author: Blake

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