No More Easy Going in The Netherlands

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Dutch Coffee Shop Menu

It’s every stoners dream to, at some point in their lives, take a nice, long trip to The Netherlands, walk into one of the coffee shops, and smoke a fat blunt for everyone to see free from any paranoia. Now on the other hand, it’s every stoners biggest nightmare to wake up one morning, or afternoon, and hear that those Dutch coffee shops are being shut down. And, as much as it breaks my heart to tell you Greenies this, that nightmare is becoming reality. After a month of trying to ban the purchasing of marijuana in coffee shops by tourists, the Dutch government, teaming up with the European Court of Justice this time around, succeeded in closing down Easy Going, one of the fourteen coffee shops in the town of Maastricht.

The European Court of Justice ruled that the mayor of Maastricht — a southern town near the German and Belgian borders and not far from France — was right to close down a coffee shop that had been selling cannabis to non-residents.
Despite the opposition from the owner and the rest of the citizens of Maastricht, you know, the individuals who are actually affected by the ruling, Easy Going was still shut down. Not realizing that shutting down these coffee shops or banning drug tourism will only lead to increased illegal trade and a major blow to their economy, the Dutch government is continuing with this newfound outlook on drug tourism.
… the government was committed to the measure, stressing that the so-called ” weed pass ” will be introduced nationwide and with no exceptions.
Well, at least Amsterdam’s coffee shops are still safe. Let’s just hope they stay safe long enough for every stoners dream to become reality and before these ” weed passes ” are actually implemented.

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Author: kelv.

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  • Simon

    All because Germany and Belgium don't legalize.

    Fucking Nazis in the government…
    But still, good luck trying to introduce the weed pass nation-wide. Wonder what would happen if they'd actually do it. I'd riot and try to destroy some government buildings, that's for sure.

  • FucktheDEA

    Ah fuck, I was one of those tourists a few years ago. Yeah, political pressure from the neighbouring countries (who should just pull the dick out of their arse and legalise it instead of bothering with this bullshit) means the Dutch are under pressure. Especially in somewhere as accessible as Maastricht. Many locals ARE pissed off about the tourists, but only because of their perception, not that the tourists actually cause trouble. However, the junkies left used needles in the park I was trying to chill in, which didn’t make for much chilled-ness at all! Fucking idiots are regressing in Holland, since when does being conservative help the world? When the world is perfect! It ain’t.

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  • This just means we here in the US are gonna have to legalize it ourselves

  • Xavier

    Lol. I live in Maastricht, but I didn't know Easy Going is being closed… Where did you get this from? Lol >.<
    By the way: there are pretty much enough coffee shops in Maastricht. Easy Going is certainly not the best coffee shop you'll visit when you are here.

  • Green

    We have an article tomorrow about what it is really like and what is really happening in the Netherlands. It's a shame but not as bad as it could be.

  • Xavier

    Easy Going is still open… I don't know when you expected it to be shut down?

    • Green

      That is just his title for the article. he's not talking about the coffee shop.

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  • Groove

    Guys, what is operating time for cofeeshops in Maastricht?

  • Wow! This can be one particular of the most helpful blogs We have ever arrive across on this subject. Basically Wonderful. I am also an expert in this topic therefore I can understand your effort.

  • good

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