No more padded rooms America. Stop the Insanity.

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Repeating the same thing in the same way and expecting a different result is crazy right? Of course it is. Not changing any variable of the problem but expecting a different outcome is pointless and a waste of time. If you have a problem and want it solved you would think to try other possible solutions instead of the one that has not been working for years and years. Then what about “the war on drugs”? War on what really? The right for people to do what they want to themselves if it isn’t harming anyone else. This prohibition of drugs could be considered a waste of time and money.

Remember the alcohol prohibition era? That was 14 years of the government trying to tell people they couldn’t enjoy a drink or two after a long days work. Prohibition got repelled because they realized that it was costing precious time, money and lives to try to get people to not do what they want to do. How often does that actually work? Normally, when someone is told not to do something, they turn around and do it anyways because we are individuals who want and have the right to make our own decisions about what we do and how we live. So why is marijuana still illegal? Marijuana is not addictive. You will probably enjoy things more after smoking a bit but you aren’t going to be robbing people because you are fiending for some bud. It’s not a gateway drug. You don’t hit the bong and then think “man, I’d like to be smoking some crack instead of weed right now,” and it’s less harmful than alcohol. You can’t overdose on weed. You won’t get any kind of false courage and possibly get into a fight or do something wildly irresponsible after you smoke a blunt.

To me, marijuana has 3 symptoms, hungry, happy and sleepy. It makes music sound better, shows funnier and life more enjoyable. Imagine being able to prescribe that to people with depression, eating disorders, and sleeping disorders. It’d help them out extremely. In cancer patients, it helps them cope with pains and symptoms of their disease and treatments. Financially, just like with alcohol, if it is regulated, monitored and taxed, it would be less likely to be “abused” (and I use that term VERY loosely) and it would help us to improve the economy by helping us be less dependent on import goods and help us to create more jobs, which would mean more money being transferred from a person to a business, which means bigger financial profits for everyone involved. Plus, it’s a completely natural, renewable resource that would help to re-build soil, making for bigger and better crops.

On a last note for this article, marijuana can be a relationship builder. When I have met someone new and there is that first-met-someone awkwardness, after we light up, it’s like we become more comfortable and start talking and get to know one another. Me being a HUGE Iowa Hawkeye fan, when we are out tailgating and spark up a blunt up, people come over to see if they can join or contribute to the fun we are having. In season 1 of the show Entourage, during the marijuana dry spell on the show, it helped Vince and a big time producer get to know each other better after they initially did not get along. Watch any stoner flick and it’ll be about them coming together to solve a problem, not fighting with each other. There is a reason marijuana is depicted this way.

Go do what you can for what you believe in. Don’t be a sheep that is just corralled into its pen to quietly make noise and become someone’s t-shirt someday. Our country was founded by people who wanted to do things their way and we need to keep that same mentality up. So you know what to do.

Get tied up in it.

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Author: Tangles

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