NORML Says Bloomberg Doesn’t Really Give A Sh*t About Poor Minorities or You

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Politicians are getting a long over due foot in the arse these days when it comes to their hypocritical ways. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see through the irony of the legislation that we end up with versus what politicians promise and promote when they need votes from us. NORML has been putting the heat on proponents of the double talk. The most recent recipient of the boot is none other than New York City’s Mayor Mike Bloomberg after a story broke about his generous donation of personal assets to help the plight of the City’s po’ Blacks and Latinos.

Today we find out that Mayor Bloomberg is once again demonstrating why he is one of the most interesting and charitable politicians in the modern era in reading today’s New York Times about his most recent donation of $30 million to help black and Latino youth get better integrated into the region’s economy, develop valuable skill sets and to find productive employment.

You might be wondering why people are taking an issue with Mike B and his donation of his own money to help those less fortunate than he. And if he was an average Joe millionaire than your confusion would be warranted. The issue that the public needs to address is that Mike B is a millionaire mayor whose policies contribute to the same problem that he’s attempting to give the impression that he wants to fix. NORML backed up their claim with these statistics:

Bloomberg’s administration has, on average, maintained an annual arrest rate for simple cannabis possession cases over 45,000, with a disturbing ninety percent of arrests happening to….black and Latino youth.

Do not be fooled by this media ploy folks. The Mayor of New York could do much, more more to assist low income people with getting jobs and stability. One of the main detractors of minority stability is the fact that many Blacks and Latinos suffer the burden of drug arrests that remain on their record and bar many from finding decent jobs. This could be alleviated in several ways, one of which is by decriminalizing marijuana. Another great move would be to put a muzzle on the great New York Police Department who do more harm to the people of the city then they ever did to assist them. Guess which solution NORML is in favor of:

Mayor Bloomberg, your generous and thoughtful donation of $30 million—and that of Mr. Soros’—will be working at cross purposes if you continue to give the green light to the NYPD to arrest 45,000 cannabis consumers annually into the criminal justice system, the vast majority of whom are the very population you’re concerned with.

I’m loving how the public is getting in on calling these trickster bluff. Put your money where your mouth is Mr. Mayor! You wanted to do something good for the City so much so that you campaigned for an unprecedented third term and successfully found yourself re-elected as Mayor. The NORML people have spoken and this is one instance where your money can’t seem to buy you new friends.

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