North Carolina Medical Marijuana Legislation Perishes In House

IMG_6878The House Rules Committee decided against the legislation that would have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes in their republic.

A few of the bill’s stipulations consisted of providing imperviousness from state prosecution for patients with enervating conditions and for caregivers that possessed the drug.

Unfortunately the patients in North Carolina that could truly benefit from the legalization of medical marijuana will either have to wait for a federal miracle or hope their conditions are tolerable enough to make it until the 2014 legislation sessions.

In other words, tokers, we are sad to report that this bill has perished.

Get involved on a grass-roots level and help lift the negative stigma that shrouds this miraculous plant. We aren’t criminals just because we choose to use cannabis; we are criminals because our government is operating out of fear and ignorance. Be the change.


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Author: ErikG

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