North Dakota Considering Medical Marijuana

Supporters of legalizing medical marijuana in North Dakota turned in a proposed initiative Tuesday to put the issue on the November ballot.  With voters’ approval, the initiative would allow someone who suffers from a debilitating illness to use marijuana with a doctor’s permission. It lists cancer, post-traumatic stress disorder, glaucoma and other illnesses as examples of debilitating conditions.
The 22-page initiative, which was submitted to Secretary of State Al Jaeger on Tuesday, would make it legal for North Dakota residents to possess up to 2 1/2 ounces of marijuana for medical purposes. It states that those who qualify could obtain the drug from a state-licensed dispensary or grow a limited supply for personal use. Montana and 16 other states already have laws that allow the medical use of marijuana, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

North Dakota allows residents to put proposed state laws and constitutional amendments directly to a vote if the initiative’s backers can gather enough support. To qualify for the general election, the medical marijuana initiative will need petition signatures from at least 13,452 eligible North Dakota voters. The petitions must be turned in by midnight Aug. 8.

We wish our brothers and sisters in North Dakota well in their efforts. I met two North Dakota sugar beet farmers at the Toker’s Bowl in Vancouver back in 2005, maybe 2004. For some reason my memory is not clear. Simply wonderful people.

Learn more about what’s happening in ND with our original story, here.

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