Norwich Calls for the Question

Here’s an editorial from Connecticut’s Norwich Bulletin. Connecticut is the most recent state to authorize medical marijuana.  I am going out on a limb and saying this column is a call for jumping to the ultimate question — the re-legalization of the hemp plant.
“As of today, cancer patients and others suffering with serious and painful illnesses — such as HIV/AIDS, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and other illnesses — can legally use medical marijuana to ease their pain provided a licensed physicians proscribes its use.
We supported the change in the law this past legislative session because we believe that if the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes can help ease the pain of those suffering from these illnesses then there is no logical reasoning to deny those individuals that relief.

We also made the argument that since the Legislature opted to de-criminalized the possession of a small amounts of marijuana for recreational purposes in the previous legislative session to the level of a parking ticket, it only made sense to extend that same consideration to those who will medically benefit from its use.

The problem, however, is the system to grow and dispense medical marijuana has not yet been put in place. In other words, it may be legal to use marijuana for medical purposes today, but growing and selling marijuana remains illegal in Connecticut. We appreciate the careful deliberations the state Department of Consumer Protection is taking to ensure that the proper and necessary safeguards are in place before issuing any licenses to pharmacies to dispense marijuana. The only steps taken thus far by the agency is setting up the system by which doctors can register patients for its use. That, in of itself, is a positive step.

Under the law, only licenses pharmacists will be permitted to dispense the drug. The licensing application process to grow and dispense the marijuana has not yet started. But even when those systems are put in place, the growing, selling and possession of marijuana is still illegal under federal law. Obviously, there is no local legislative action state officials can take to address federal law, but it is incumbent upon state officials to work closely with our congressional delegation in an effort to protect citizens in Connecticut abiding by state law from that threat.”
* * *
Not the most forceful statement I’ve ever seen, but it’s turned in the correct direction. Re-legalization will / could / should leave the states free to experiment with regulation. A little experimentation might be a good thing. What do you say?

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