Not Even Martha Stewart Is Afraid of Pot

‘The Martha Stewart Show’ goes to pot!

So I just found an article over at EW in which they talk about how Martha Stewart is having a whole episode of The Martha Stewart Show dedicated to the world of pot. That’s whats up.

Attention, stoners! It seems somebody has finally given Martha Stewart the right kind of viewer research—you know, the kind that lets her know that plennnnty of you are at home watching her daytime talk show and hittin’ the pipe on a regular basis. At least, that’s my guess after receiving an e-mail this morning that included an announcement that next Monday’s episode of The Martha Stewart Show will be “entirely dedicated to the world of pot.”

I’m not really sure how this will go over with Martha’s dedicated fan base of type-A closet reorganizers and guppies in search of the perfect cassoulet recipe—I mean, do those people even know what pot is?—but the e-mail release had some pretty smokin’ (sorry) teasers. For instance, Monday’s episode will feature Martha talking about her stash of pots while an onscreen crawl highlights every word she uses that includes “pot.” She’ll hang out with some pot-bellied pigs, chat with some professional plant potters, and welcome guest Jimmy Fallon, who brings Martha a plate of brownies upon entrance (while cracking an already-tired Michael Phelps joke) and later cooks his favorite chili in, yep, a Crock-Pot.

Sounds like an interesting episode. Problem is, I don’t know whether it was on today or will be on next week. Can anyone confirm?

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Author: Lenny

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