Now You See it, Now You Don’t: The Wacky World of State Marijuana Rights

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The Republicans spend a lot of time giving lip service to how they want the Feds to back up off states right to govern themselves with more autonomy. The DEA has made it clear that they will pursue and bring charges against state licensed marijuana facilities, though New Jersey, Vermont and Delaware are among the most recent states to vote in favor of some form of medicinal marijuana.

In the meantime, people are beginning to notice a pattern of politicians that are playing ‘now you see it, now you don’t’ with the various pending marijuana legislation. The states of Washington and Arizona have both buckled under the recent pressure of Federal prosecution in spite of the state’s expressed desire to adopt more compassionate marijuana laws.

Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona is a Republican that runs on the platform of ‘new federalism’ that ‘protects citizen’s from over reaching federal laws’. Unfortunately for Arizona, the Medical Marijuana Act approved last November is cooling on ice thanks to a lawsuit filed by Gov. Brewer to block the act from being implemented.

But Brewer’s timidity is especially striking in light of her devotion to state autonomy in areas such as health care, where she has challenged federally mandated insurance, and immigration, where she has sought to pick up the slack from an administration she perceives as insufficiently committed to enforcing the law. “The United States has a federal government, not a national government,” she declared in a speech last March, promising to “pursue a policy of renewed federalism” and complaining that “never during our nearly 100 years of statehood has federal interference … been more blatant.”

The ACLU filed a motion to dismiss Gov. Brewers lawsuit allowing for the marijuana laws to go into affect. Rhode Island has also halted plans for the state to consider medical marijuana dispensaries. It looks like we’re not living as free as we all thought we were.

Keep that in mind the next time you sing the Star Spangled Banner, as a matter of fact, sing the Star Spangled Banner the next time you toke and let me know if you don’t feel some type of way about our politicians not being brave on our behalf while trying to convince us that we’re living in the land of the free. Yeah, that’s some Bulls*#t!!

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