NY Dealers Sweat NJ Medical Marijuana Bill

By: $@bs

Not everyone was bound to be excited about Jersey’s new medical marijuana bill; in particular NY pot dealers. It’s going to be a whoooooole lot less expensive than driving over the bridge for a puff. In the next few months, Jerseyites with a host of illnesses will be able to get prescriptions for up to 20 ounces of pot every month (salivate here, New Yorkers). “It’s going to cut a lot of the bridge-and-tunnel customers,” one pot dealer told the Daily News. (Thanks, Captain Obvious.) The estimated cost to fill a prescription of medical marijuana in NJ will be about $125 an oz. The NY dealer who spoke to the Daily News said he sells the same product for $500.

The NY State Assembly passed medical marijuana legislation in ’07 and ’08, but it hasn’t reached the state Senate floor for a vote. As a New Yorker, I gotta say, I’m embarrassed we aren’t the leader in marijuana legislation. The good news is that apparently dealers and haters of the kind share fears about the possibility of  NY to become state number 15 to legalize it.

One conservative NY jackass commented “How do you know the patient won’t give the marijuana to someone else?” Bitch, how do you not know that people on all sorts of extremely dangerous and addictive meds are already doing this??? Assemblyman Richard Gottfried, chairman of the Health Committee and sponsor of New York’s medical marijuana bill clearly has more sense about the issue, stating, “The reality is, people who want marijuana for recreational use in New York don’t mind breaking the law and have no problem getting it now, as far as I know”. Damn skippy, Son. Can I get an amen?

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Author: Sabs

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