NYC Greenies: Call Your Senator Today To Fight For Medical Marijuana Decriminilization

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Hey guys. Sorry I am little late on this but earlier today NORML, SSDP and just say now created a mini-campaign to let elected officials in NYC know that marijuana needs to be legalized. Last week, an NYC judge declared that he is pro-medical marijuana and since then people seem to be real hoping for legalization in New York (the marijuana arrest capital of the world). It is almost 5 on the east so do it soon or do it tomorrow! We have strength in numbers!

More details below.

Today’s the day: call your NY state senator in support of medical marijuana!

The timing is almost perfect. Siena College released a new poll showing 57% of New Yorkers support regulating medical marijuana in the state.Meanwhile NY State Supreme Court Judge Gustin Reichbach, a cancer survivor himself, just published a beautiful NY Timesop-ed that appeals to the legislature to pass this compassionate bill.

And the majority of New Yorkers are right: it’s cruel to allow patients to suffer when when such an obvious solution lays before us. To make sure this bill has the support it needs to pass, we’re launching calls into the offices of New York lawmakers in support of regulating medical marijuana in NY.

Can you please call your state senator today to support NY medical marijuana?

Click here for phone numbers and sample script.

Medical marijuana is beyond controversy for the vast majority of New Yorkers — and a majority of Americans. Some legislators recognize this, but we must convince those on the fence that it’s time to do the humane thing and bring relief to the chronically and terminally ill.

Judge Reichbach said it best when he wrote:

This is not a law-and-order issue; it is a medical and a human rights issue … doctors cannot be expected to do what the law prohibits, even when they know it is in the best interests of their patients. When palliative care is understood as a fundamental human and medical right, marijuana for medical use should be beyond controversy.

Urge your state senator to do the right thing and support medical marijuana for New York patients.

Call your state senator today in support of medical marijuana for New York.

There is more than ample support in New York for compassionate reform that meets patients’ needs. Thank you for reaching out to your representatives on this important issue.

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