NY’s Daily News newspaper says: “Legalize medical marijuana”

When I seen this article in the paper, I was so excited! The Daily News (one of two major newspapers in NYC) had a brief article on why medical marijuana needs to be legalized in NY. There isn’t any info here that you probably don’t know already but I’m just glad someone was brave enough to try and spread the word to the few of those who are still opposing the idea. I know you can’t really read the article from the pic, so I’ve quoted it below:

Bayside: I strongly disagree with Friday’s editorial, “Reefer madness”, opposing the legalization of medical marijuana. Not only does smoking marijuana greatly help certain medical conditions, but the prosecution of marijuana use is a huge waste of money and jail space.

Here we are in a budget crisis, and we are still prosecuting victimless crimes such as marijuana use. As long as we are talking about consenting adults, marijuana, prostitution, gambling, strip joints and so-called pornography should be legalized, regulated and taxed. The legal drinking age should be 18. Smoking should be legal, wherever it isn’t a fire hazard, but smoke filters and air purifiers should be provided. This would more than solve the budget crisis, whether it is federal, state or city.

Harriet J. Brown

Whoever you are Harriet, I’d love to smoke with you!

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