Officer Charged With Stealing & Selling Confiscated Drugs

Cops being corrupt isn’t anything new, but usually the way they make their side cash is a lot less obvious and not as easy to track. This London property store officer decided it’d be a good idea to steal some heroin, cocaine & cannabis that had been previously confiscated by other officers. It wasn’t for personal use either, she’d bring it home to her partner aka her boyfriend and they sold it together. Check out the full story here. Here’s some details from it below:

Her partner Steven Shaw, a 53-year-old lorry driver, who she lives with in Rhodrons Avenue, Chessington, is accused possessing a stun gun, 746g of cannabis and 0.48g of heroin with intent to supply, all of which he denies.

Ms O’Connor appeared at South Western Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, December 10, for a committal to crown court on charges of stealing cocaine, heroin, cannabis and £500 from the Metropolitan Police, between December 15 last year and October 18, when she was arrested.

I’m sure if I know you Greenies as well as I think I do, the thing that popped out the most was the 746g of cannabis she came off with! That’s almost 2 pounds of free weed! That’s only what the court has record of, I’m sure there was a lot more unaccounted for. Either way, this was not a smart decision at all. Imagine an officer trying to sell you weed? I feel weird even saying that!

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Author: itslloyal

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