Ohio Re-Legalization Update

Significant efforts are underway in Ohio. It would tip the scales substantially if a heartland state came to sanity. Our first stop is to look at the competing ways re-legalization might come to Ohio.


[Legal Ohio grows] would be owned by 10 separate companies. There are “too many socioeconomic benefits to this,” he said. “Unfortunately, we needed to find a way to step in when the state legislature won’t.”

Underiner says he supports legalized pot but is still leaning towards a ‘no’ vote. “Anybody who wants to grow commercially should have that option to open that business,” he said. “If you do legalize it for 10 farms, obviously they’re going to make a lot of money. You can use that money to then fund a campaign to restrict other commercial growers. Why would you want competition?”
. . .
An amendment to the state constitution would permit commercial marijuana growing on 10 predetermined plots of land, each owned by a different company. The companies would be competing with each other, but together they would have exclusive access to a market that ResponsibleOhio estimates will top $1 billion annually. To get in on the action, each company had to contribute $2 million to ResponsibleOhio’s campaign to get the proposal on the ballot, which needed more than 300,000 signatures to be approved by voters. (This provides the bulk of the campaign’s funding, though they’ve received contributions from other supporters.)

It’s not just the growers who would benefit, though. Responsible Ohio estimates that each farm would create 300 jobs. Additionally, ordinary citizens could apply for licenses to manufacture cannabis-infused products like lotions and cookies, and run the 1,000-plus retail pot shops. However, the 10 growing companies would maintain their farms indefinitely, with the caveat that the state could add growers beginning in year four if the existing farms fail to meet market demand. Green-thumbed Ohioans could also maintain a small garden for personal use.
. . .
This year, in response to Issue 3, the state legislature shot back with Issue 2, which Ohio voters will also decide in November. Issue 2 would amend the state constitution to block “any petitioner from using the Ohio Constitution to grant a monopoly, oligopoly, or cartel for their exclusive financial benefit.” If, somehow, both measures pass, the issue with the greater vote total will prevail, according to the state constitution, though the dispute could end up in court.

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We are hearing plans for after re-legalization. That has to be a good sign.

A non-profit foundation linked to an Ohio State University (OSU) microbiologist plans to build a $24-million medical marijuana research center near Columbus, OH, if voters approve legalizing pot on Nov. 3.

Michael Ibba, chairman of the OSU Microbiology Department and co-director of the Cellular and Molecular Biochemistry Training Program, is on the board of the newly-formed International Cannabinoid Institute Research Foundation. It claims to be an independent group of researchers, medical professionals, technology experts, engineers and patient advocates committed to the discovery of advanced treatments using medicinal marijuana.
. . .
The 40,000-square-foot medical marijuana research center would be built at the Licking County site owned by Dr. Suresh Gupta of Dayton, a ResponsibleOhio investor who would be granted the right to operate one of 10 pot farms in the state if Issue 3 is approved. The 35-acre site, located at 6197 Mink St. is in Pataskala, OH, is east of the state capital.


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Finally, we note that Issue 3 has organized support. But, does that mean they favor Issue 2? (Nope — they don’t like cannabis).

Here, at HMJ, we are paying attention to Ohio. We will keep you up to date, so be sure to watch this space.

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