Ohio Reconsiders MMJ

With the “failure” of Issue 3 in Ohio, one might expect a setback for policy change on the issue of cannabis. Not so fast…


Issue 3 was defeated by voters this week, and Republican Sen. Rob Portman says he was against the plan that would also have created 10 marijuana growing sites in the state. But, he has been interested in exploring the passage of medical marijuana, and also says Issue 3 did open up discussions about Ohio’s current drug laws.

“Locking people up who are drug abusers is not the way to get at this issue,” Portman explained. “In my view, the best thing to do is to focus and redouble our efforts on evidence-based prevention and education.”

The Speaker of the Ohio House — Cliff Rosenberger — says medical marijuana has some support in the Republican caucus, and lawmakers are seriously looking at the issue. He says a pilot program to allow certain people to use the substance is also under discussion.

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I put “failure” in quotation marks for a reason. The question in Ohio’s Issue 3 was not a question of re-legalizing cannabis. Because of greed, the question in Issue 3 became, “do we re-legalize and allow 10 specific gardens, owned by specified people, to grow all our cannabis?” That’s the question, which failed to win approval.

It should have failed and I invite anyone in Ohio who wants to explain this or chime in to do so. HMJ would love to find an “on-the-ground” correspondent in Ohio. Ohio’s re-legalization will carry weight.

Had the Ohio question been to “re-legalize first and figure-out-how-later,” the answer would have been “yes.” We must finish the first fight — re-legalization — then we will have all the time we need to be greedy. How sad, yet how human.

Just sayin.


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