Ohio Talking Re-Legalization Out Loud

Ohio is being heard on the question of re-legalizing cannabis. 


Ohio wastes $120 million per year to enforce its failed marijuana prohibition. ResponsibleOhio’s Marijuana Legalization Amendment brings the necessary reform by establishing the Marijuana Control Commission, whose many responsibilities include conducting annual audits of the ten warehouses where marijuana will be grown. And to protect our kids, the amendment gets very tough by requiring jail for the sale of marijuana to anyone underage.
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As communities struggle to recover from damaging funding cuts, it’s time to think seriously about the tax benefits that marijuana legalization will bring. The amendment clearly establishes how the tax revenue will be allocated from its flat tax off the top of each commercial sale, with 85 percent going to county and municipal governments and the remaining 15 precent funding the Marijuana Control Commission, not-for-profit medical marijuana dispensaries, research facilities and drug addiction prevention services. Our initial projections show that when the market stabilizes in 2020, the marijuana industry will generate $554 million in new tax revenue each year. There won’t be games or gimmicks – this revenue will go to all of Ohio’s communities.

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