Ohio’s Unusual Re-Legalization Fight

If Ohio re-legalizes cannabis, the scales would tip significantly in favor of our plant. But, there is an unusual debate in Ohio over how to do that. Follow along:


In November, Ohio voters will decide whether to legalize marijuana use for treating illnesses and for getting high. Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted said on Wednesday the group ResponsibleOhio had gathered enough valid signatures to place a constitutional amendment before voters in November.

The proposed amendment’s language still needs approval by the Ohio Ballot Board, he added.

The measure would establish a Marijuana Control Commission charged with regulating the growth, sale and taxation of marijuana, similar to legalization plans approved by voters in four other U.S. states.

There are complaints about the terms of this effort:

The Ohio amendment would designate 10 locations for the growing of marijuana and make it legal for people 21 or older to use and possess up to one ounce (28 grams) of the drug, with the ability to also grow up to four marijuana plants for personal use.

ResponsibleOhio handed in 305,591 signatures from half of the state’s 88 counties.

The wording of the amendment has drawn criticism from some marijuana legalization supporters who say it creates a marijuana monopoly in the state.

It’s that idea of creating a monopoly that fired up an alternative effort:

Another ballot measure, an anti-monopoly proposal backed by state lawmakers in June, would effectively block the marijuana measure if passed in November because a citizen-initiated amendment takes 30 days longer to take effect than a legislative one.

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Hail Mary Jane is watching the second wave of re-legalization, which will crest in 2015-16. We will be talking about it the whole time.


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