Ok Wait, THIS Is The Real iBong

Ok so last week I wrote two posts about bongs that claimed to have the title of iBong. First there was the product that was modeled after apple’s aesthetic code and then there was the parody iBong. They were both awesome but this iBong trumps them all. It is a bong created out of an ancient Mac SE 30 made by two nerds from Texas. I found them in an old story from Wired and it just goes to show that you can make a homemade bong out of almost anything.

This bong was created by taking out the internal parts, adding the bowl of the bong to the front of the computer, just below the screen, and sticking the mouthpiece in the back. According to the guys that made it, it hits amazingly too.

“My bong burnt bright,” he wrote, “electrifying fractals dancing in the raging embers, smoke curling like a halo around my bowed and fatal head…. The restlessness of a millennium’s solitude soared through my rushing blood, the roar of being alive skipping like a jumping spark through my brain.”

Yeah, he sounds pretty stoned to me.

Add this to the list of creative bongs that are on HMJ today. After seeing this, the lego bong and the other 25 homemade bongs that went up today you should have all the inspiration you need to create some wild inventions of your own. If you decide to, feel free to take a pic and send them over to me at sportfiends@gmail.com.

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Author: Lenny

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