Old MacDonald Had A… Pot Farm

By $@bs:

A marijuana farmer in San Diego has been ordered by a court of law to pay $18,000 for electricity he stole to secretly grow pot plants in a rental home. The 23-year-old man (Young MacDonald) was sentenced to five years in jail and five years probation in connection with power stolen from 2006 to 2008 to grow the plants. He also was ordered to repay San Diego Gas & Electric. The suspect admitted to installing a bypass around the home’s electric meter to avoid charges for powering the high-intensity grow-lights. (Good one!) The set-up was exposed when firefighters went to the home to put out a fire caused by one of the lights. (Bad one!) Though the farmer was convicted of growing at least 100 plants, at the time of the arrest police say the crop was more than 200 plants.

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Author: Sabs

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