Olde Style Drug Policy Falling Apart Worldwide

HMJ believes old style reefer madness drug policy is falling apart in full view of the world.  Today’s evidence comes from South America, from the nation of Colombia, which has decriminalized cocaine and marijuana, saying that people cannot be jailed for possessing the drugs for personal use.  Anyone caught with less 20 grams (0.705 ounces) of marijuana or one gram (0.035 ounces) of cocaine for personal use will not be prosecuted or detained, but could be required to receive physical or psychological treatment, depending on their level of intoxication, according to Colombia Reports. Colombian Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzon said law enforcement would continue its fight against drug trafficking, but would not make further comment.
Thursday’s ruling challenged Colombia’s 2011 citizen’s security law, which said anyone found with up to one kilogram (2.2 pounds) of marijuana or 100 grams (3.5 ounces) of cocaine should receive a sentence of at least 64 months in prison, reported the Associated Press. Chief prosecutor Eduardo Montealegre said Friday that the decision did not mean drugs would be legalized.

GlobalPost previously reported that Colombia is also moving toward legalizing drug crops. The country’s House of Representatives in May passed the first draft of a bill that would decriminalize growing illegal drug plants, allowing residents to grow coca plants, marijuana plants and opium poppies. But representative Hugo Velasquez Jaramillo was quick to note that although the plants would be legalized, “the processing and trafficking of drugs would remain subject to criminal sentencing.”

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When I was a kid there was, on television from time to time [please remember we got 3 channels], a form of entertainment left-over from Vaudeville. In this entertainment a man placed, singly, 20 (or more) plates, each at the end of a long stick, stood em’up, and, running around got all the plates spinning at once. He then ran back and forth to see how long he could keep all the plates up and spinning. That was the entertainment — watching this guy run around keeping the plates spinning. When he got tired, or two plates too far apart went down simultaneously, the whole stupid thing fell apart.

Something like that is happening right now with seventy years of drug policy. The whole based-on-lies and powered-by-fear war on drugs has run its’ course and is coming apart at the seams. For the last little while that phony war on some drugs has been carried along by its own inertia, but that energy is failing in the face of resistance caused by the truth. We aid that resistance by learning — and speaking — the truth about the war on drugs. Things are changing. Let’s do what we can to keep that process churning along.

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