Omar Minaya will meet with A-Rod, Cabrera & Willis on the market, more

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A-Rod moving uptown?

So Omar Minaya, the Mets GM, is scheduled to meet with Alexa Rodriguez and his agent Scott Boras this week.  The Mets are considered to be one of the teams that are highly interested in employing A-Rods services.  The number of teams considering that are in the A-Rod hunt is unclear right now.  His agent has stated that they will discuss offers and keep things as confidential as possible.

First of all, Alex Rodriguez is an amazing player but what has he done in the postseason?  New York is still New York.  The Yankees expectations are a little higher but the media will still rip him apart even if he is wearing a Mets uni.  Secondly, The Mets already have a Third basemen and a Short-Stop in David Wright and Jose Reyes.  Wright has stated that he would be willing to move to second base if they sign A-Rod but would he really be ok with it if it actually happens?  Only time will tell but as a Mets fan I say, let Rodriguez leave New York.  He’s not built for it.

Andy Pettitte Opts out

Andy Pettitte declined on his $16 contract with the Yankees next year.  He claims that he doesn’t even know if he will be pitching at all next year.  He has stated that at this point though, his only options are the Yankees or retirement. 

Yankees GM Brian Cashman has stated that they not only want Pettitte back but they need him back.  I’d have to agree with him on that.  They have a few young pitchers coming along but no leaders. 


  • Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis will be put on the trade market this week. 
  • Nationals met with Andruw Jones this week.  They have also met with Torii Hunter and Aaron Rowand

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Author: Lenny

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