HMJ On The Grind: Dizzy Wright Talks Indica vs Sativa, Why He Smokes & State of Mind Tour

Cool, calm, and collected; Dizzy Wright is by far one of the most chill artists I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing. “Have you ever seen Dizzy on a bad day?” asked his tour manager Buckley, as I try to get a gauge on the night, “he doesn’t have one.” That’s how much positivity flows from his presence. Dizzy is one of those people you just can’t help but feel good around. That same energy was contagious on stage at the Velvet Jones in Santa Barbara where fans turned up for world peace with the young Vegas emcee.

After an electric performance, we sparked it up backstage with the rising star. We discussed everything from life philosophy to the challenges of mixing a positive message into the party scene and his experience meeting fans from all over the world.  Of course, the biggest topic of the evening was our favorite dame, Mary Jane.  Dizzy references Uncle Snoop as one of his influences and shares that he’s an OG man himself; preferring Indica over Sativa as it has more of a calming effect on his eccentric nature.

However a few minutes into our conversation, it was clear that Dizzy far surpasses the stereotype of a “stoner rapper.” It was so refreshing to speak with a young man in the hip hop circuit who’s lyrical content is not only entertaining but also uplifting and empowering. He credits all his accomplishments to his steadfast faith and continuous efforts to fulfill his mission as an artist regardless of the external circumstances.  As cliche as it sounds, where there is a will there is a way.  Dizzy is a great example of someone who made the causes to manifest the results he desired.  Early in his career, he relentlessly performed every and anywhere and continuously released quality music knowing that one day it would be in front of the right person, in this case Dame of Funk Volume. I remember the first time I met Dizzy at the Funk Volume Independent Living Documentary screening in LA where he declared his mission was to see marijuana legalization in his lifetime and of course to provide for his loved ones.  I was inspired by his hunger and drive and had no doubt it would catapult him to success.  Now with the help of his teammates at FV he’s Still Movin onto bigger and better prospects.  One thing is for certain, Dizzy is on the up & up and we’re happy to see him progress.  Check out the interview.

So far the State of Mind Tour has proven to be successful, selling out numerous venues across the country.  Peep the photos and clips of the tour below, courtesy of @geeezyproductions and @dizzyhippy on Instagram.  Tickets are on sale now for the remainder of the tour. I promise you it’s well worth it!

Shout out to Treehouse Social Lounge, HG Outfitters & Push Trees Inc for hooking it up with gear and green accessories for Dizzy. We also threw in a bunch of RAW papers in hopes that one day he’ll put down the blunts and pick up the papers. For health reasons of course…

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