On The Grind: Dr. Dina Talks Cannabis and Consulting with Celebrity Medical Marijuana Patients (Interview)

"On The Grind" is a new interview column we do where we interview with amazing professionals who also happen to also have undying endearment for mother cannabis.  For this edition we had the amazing opportunity sit down with expert cannabis consultant, Dr. Dina.

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Just how does one go about meeting and smoking with celebs in Hollywood?  Some people dedicate whole careers to doing this.  To others it just comes natural.  Just take the incredible Dr. Dina for example.  She just happens to be a beautiful young lady who grew up in Southern California around many celebs (and others) who are drawn to her awesome energy.

She is super down to earth and has a great relationship the infamous Snoop Lion.  She can tell you stories for days about their adventures together.  She has traveled, worked with and shared many blunts with the rap legend.  She also has had the amazing opportunity to provide medical marijuana consultation to 2 Chainz and others who shall remain unnamed.

She did not grow up with the intention of being a cannabis connoisseur.  Rolling Stone chronicled a crucial part of her journey to the glorious plant in their write up on her:

One day in 2002, she got a call from a friend with testicular cancer. The worst thing about the disease, he said, was that he couldn't keep his pills and food down. Dr. Dina had an idea: She'd get him a joint. "He called me the next day and said, 'Dina, you saved my life. But my wife doesn't like that I'm using illegal drugs. How can I get more legally?'"

She found a doctor in San Francisco who provided him with medical marijuana. Inspired by the experience, she facilitated the opening of a doctor's office for weed patients. She thought it would be great to get a celebrity client – and she knew just the right person to reach out to. "When the doctor wrote Snoop his note, he was so excited that he told Tiny, his seven-foot security guard, to put it in a silver briefcase," she says. "You'd have thought it was a million dollars."

Even after she started with it, she did not originally plan for her practice to become public.  GQ was interviewing Snoop Lion when he sprung in during it to smoke up the GQ writer.  Lucky guy!

Dina is a sweetheart and she showed them around, showed them a ton of love.  She has many amazing stories to share about this experience and the growing marijuana industry which you can see in our awesome interview below.   For more Dina, make sure to check out her website and if you are in LA, make sure you stop by and say whats up to her at the Alternative Herbal Health Services medical marijuana center that she supports.

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