One Potential HORRIBLE Consequence Of Marijuana Legalization

If you are a regular reader of this website you probably know what my stance on marijuana legalization is and if you don’t, I’ll give you one guess about what I think about it. Medical Marijuana legalization has too many positive results to list here right now but here is one consequence that would be completely tragic if it actually happened.

The Dutch Justice Ministry reports it was forced to close down eight prisons, which will result in some 1,200 penal system staff members being laid off.

During the 1990s, the Netherlands was faced with a lack of prison capacities, but now it has virtually no prisoners.

Some 12,000 prisoners are serving their sentence at Dutch prisons, while there is room for 14,000, which is why deputy Justice Minister Nebahat Albayrak announced the closure of eight correctional institutions, saying that everyone who will lose their job because of this move would be taken care of.

The Ministry assessed that the crime rates would continue to drop in the Netherlands and it is negotiating with Belgium regarding taking on a part of its criminals as it recorded an increase of crime rates.

Ok so another thing you should know is I am completely sarcastic on my blog. The fact that the prison workers lost their jobs is bad but the fact that they weren’t needed in the first place is even worse. The fact that so many less people were arrested should let American’s know that this War on drugs is ridiculous.

Thankfully America has so many taxpayers paying for the wages of the prison workers, the living costs of the prisoners and to pay for more prisons because the current ones are so overcrowded with nonviolent offenders.

Wait, thats not good????

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Author: Lenny

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