Online Dispensary Cannabiscare Supports Victoria BC City Councils Cannabis-Friendly Position

Cannabis Care, a Canada-wide online cannabis dispensary, supports Victoria BC City Council’s many Cannabis-friendly statements and actions, which include a bylaw passed September 8 2016 that officially recognizes and provides zoning for cannabis businesses.

“The recent municipal regulations of cannabis in Victoria are highly progressive, and exciting for both patients and businesses in that market,” said a Cannabis Care representative, “they allow for many different kinds of cannabis-based businesses and give Victoria’s cannabis community a wide variety of options. The tax revenue will be beneficial for the city, too.”

As a Canadian online dispensary, some of Cannabis Care’s best strains find their origins in Victoria BC, on Vancouver Island. “One of our best strains, CBD Rene, was bred there in Victoria. It’s a really amazing strain that has tested at an amazing 16:1 ratio of CBD to THC

The Victoria regulations represent the strongest cannabis-affirmative statement yet from Victoria City Council, who have been vocal in their support of cannabis.

About The City Of Victoria’s Marijuana-Related Business Regulation Bylaw

Passed on September 8 2016, the City of Victoria’s zoning of bylaw represents the beginning of official regulations for cannabis-related businesses.

While the bylaw actually bans all cannabis-related businesses, they can apply for a zoning variance that permits them to operate within the bylaw’s restrictions, among which include regulations that require cannabis-related businesses to operate within no less than 200 meters from all schools, community centers, or other cannabis businesses.

Cannabis-related businesses operating prior to July 28 2016 will be allowed to continue to operate until they can apply for a license.

These regulations apply exclusively to medical dispensaries – recreational cannabis is an issue that will need to wait.

“To be very clear, these bylaws are meant to make sure that people have access to their medicine. They are not meant to enable recreational consumption,” stated Victoria mayor Lisa Helps.

On-Site Consumption Still Banned

The bylaw officially bans consumption of cannabis in all for-profit businesses in Victoria, whether they are cannabis-related or not. This was a contentious matter, with several members of the public speaking of their concern, and Councillor Marianne Alto calling the ban “illogical.”

Non profit groups who have established safe spaces for consumption will not be impacted by the regulations, however.

The laws are increasingly becoming more cannabis-friendly in Canada, and so is their enforcement. Among others, the Vancouver police department has specifically stated that they don’t view cannabis dispensaries as a problem or priority.

According to Cannabis Care, the signs point to a future where people can safely get the cannabis they need in the competitive regulated market they deserve.

“It’s great to be in a place where the government has finally decided to listen to doctors and patients’ need for cannabis. Cannabis is undeniably beneficial to the people who need it, and to be able to get it safely and conveniently is of great importance to a lot of cannabis patients.”

“By formally recognizing that dispensaries and delivery services can provide high-quality medical cannabis conveniently and safely, Victoria City Council has set an example for the rest of Canada.”

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