Ontario Courts Strike Down Marijuana Laws

An Ontario court has struck down laws against possessing and growing cannabis. It’s part of a ruling which found Canada’s (albeit extremely lax) laws were impeding patients from seeking marijuana for physical or psychological ailments. I know a lot of excited readers are already telling their buddies about this, and you’re planning a road trip. You might want to read further for the one teeny tiny caveat also so you know exactly what stretch of Canada houses the Province of Canada – there are 10 in total.

If you’re not familiar with Ontario, it’s between the providences of Manitoba and Quebec (too stoned for the accent). If you’re still unsure where exactly that is, it’s basically all the terrain north of the Great Lakes. If that still doesn’t slip past all the THC built up in the fat around your neurotransmitters, then you need to google it, and get a geography book from your local library (I’m old!).

BUT there’s more…

The news about the ruling doesn’t mean it’s now legal to get high in all of Ontario. Reports the Globe and Mail:

Smoking up, however, is not legal just yet: the federal government has three months to launch an appeal or change its regulations to fix the problems identified by the court.

Mr. Justice Donald Taliano of the Ontario Superior Court struck down the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations, arguing they aren’t doing enough to ensure patients can obtain the necessary approvals to use the drug. Simultaneously, he ruled two sections of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act – those that prohibit simple possession and cultivating marijuana – are unconstitutional, since they can be used to criminally charge medicinal users who haven’t been able to obtain such approval.

The ruling means the government must either improve its system for licensing medicinal marijuana patients within 90 days, or it will become legal to use or grow the drug for any purpose. The government can, however, buy itself more time by appealing the ruling.

I’m originally from just south of Ontario, Canada (I will not tell you which American rust belt city I grew up in, but if you check the archives, I’m sure I’ve mentioned it in an earlier post-I get over-sharey sometimes). If you’ve never been to the Sundowners Strip Club in Niagara [NSFW], I highly suggest it even though I’m not a strip club guy.

You might be able to get high at Sundowners if the three month period is up, and the government is too stoned to appeal. Let’s hope they’re burning fatties soon. When the 90 days is up, Canada will no longer just be the country we went to war with on South Park.

Now enjoy the greatest Canadian group of all time: THE BAND (OK Levon was from Arkansas, but everyone else was born in the cradle of our Northern Neighbors)
The Band- King Harvest (Has Surely Come) by ursamajor81

[pic via crwflags & cannabis culture; Toke of the Town; Globe and Mail]

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