Ontario Youths Busted-The World can now Breathe a Collective Sigh of Relief

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Well this was a confusing article all around, and should make you upset.  According to the Soo Today, an Ontario online news source, three youths were picked up driving on Highway 17 in some place called the Rabazo Township.  I have absolutely no idea where the hell that is, but we can assume it’s somewhere north of the US (I aced all my geography exams).  Anyway, one guy and two girls were pulled over, for reasons that are never stipulated; one can assume they were young and probably laughing too much.  Here’s what the article had to say:

“Subsequent investigation at the scene revealed that the three youths from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario were in possession of approximately 12 grams of what appeared to be marijuana with a street value of $2,000.”  Read on to hear why this is ridiculous on a few different levels.

Here’s the first issue: 12 grams of marijuana isn’t very much.  It’s two grams under a half ounce. And $2,ooo street value?  Are you kidding me?  An 1/8th of an ounce generally costs $50, so  it’s street value was more likely around $180-200 (I also aced arithmetic).  So with a little under a half ounce these poor kids are considered drug dealers.  Also, don’t mistake the scale as an accoutrement only drug dealers would own. They probably had it because they didn’t want to get ripped off, or yea, they were selling a little bit to their friends.

Now, here’s the main issue.  Marijuana is illegal; although, it’s less so in Canada and we’re making strides in the U.S.  That doesn’t matter because this type of thing is still happening.  When I was going to college and working to support myself, I still wanted to get high.  I generally bought a full ounce and sold 7/8th’s of it.  I was not a drug dealer.  I didn’t do this often, as I was generally pretty bad at it, and I ended up smoking most of what I bought and giving hot girls a lot for free.  I wanted to get laid and I wanted to get high, so I sold a little pot.  Again, I want to repeat the refrain: I was not a drug dealer.

I could have very well been the guy in the car with those two girls.  Am I a drug dealer?  No.  But, I had 12 grams on me a lot my freshman year of college.  There were, and are, thousands of other kids out there who did the same thing when they were in college.  I was lucky, and never got busted with a lot of pot (two minor possession write-ups before I was 18, so they’re expunged).  This poor bastard wasn’t as lucky as me or the countless others that have gone on to have successful lives contributing to society at large.  Now, he’s a drug dealer.  This isn’t fair and it happens more often than you think.  Society as a whole should try and have a little perspective and take these incidents as a wake up call that something’s wrong with their society and not some poor kids.

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