Oregon Asking 1 System or 2

This specific topic came up the other day — will re-legalized cannabis run on a single system or rules, or something else — 1 system or 2?  A press release from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission reveals the people tasked with creating a new industry in Oregon find themselves at this very question. 


OLCC speaks out on co-locating medical and recreational marijuana sales
PORTLAND, OR – Recreational and medical marijuana should not be sold at the same retail outlets unless both products are tracked and tested in the same way, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission said today in a message to the Oregon Legislature. The request was approved by all five Commission members as part of a memo to legislators that identified potential gaps in Measure 91, the recreational marijuana measure passed by voters in November.

“OLCC does not want to be responsible for the co-location of medical and recreational operations unless the medical side is run in a manner consistent with federal guidelines,” said OLCC Chairman Rob Patridge. Federal guidelines require that states that have legalized recreational pot ensure that marijuana does not move into the illegal market or across state lines.

In implementing the recreational marijuana law, the OLCC will use a “seed-to-sale” system to track marijuana from licensed growers to processors, wholesalers and, eventually, retail outlets. Oregon’s medical marijuana program, currently administered by the Oregon Health Authority, has no tracking system.

For our friends in Oregon, the Commission is looking for volunteers to help write the new rules for Oregon’s now- legal cannabis industry. This is a commitment of your time and effort, but what a great view of the future you will have. Looking for a place to get involved? This could be it. GO HERE and learn more.

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