Oregon Considers Adding PTSD To Medical Marijuana List

[via Oregon Live]

Currently in Oregon there is said to be many who have PTSD that would benefit from a medical marijuana prescription that are able to get the cannabis treatment they need due to other ailments they have, but not everyone suffering is in that position.  Jason Hansman is the Senior Program Manager of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America group, which represents about 140,000 vets, and voiced looking into MMJ for veterans with this to say:


We treat it like any other new treatment technique: We want to see it studied. We want to see increased research to see if it’s a viable solution


There are, of course, those who aren’t in favor of this like Darryl Inaba, a director at the Addictions Recovery Center in Medford, Oregon who cites marijuana as being both physical and emotionally addictive and therefore shouldn’t be given to PTSD sufferers as medicine.

Oregon is said to currently play home to about 300,000 veterans with over 20,000 for that number coming from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan which in just those two situations alone about 20% of all who return home after their tour register symptoms of PTSD.

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