Oregon Joins The Movement

On Wednesday, June 16th, the Oregon Board of Pharmacy voted to reclassify marijuana from a Schedule I substance, meaning it is considered to have a high potential for abuse and no medical benefit, to a Schedule II substance and doing that is recognizes it’s medical benefit. It is opening the door for increased treatments to patients who would rather do things in a natural way or just believe in the benefits of medical marijuana. By law, the Oregon Board of Pharmacy has until June 30th to implement the new rules.

Unfortunately, the federal government still has marijuana classified as a Schedule I substance, but with Oregon changing its classification of medical marijuana, many marijuana supporters are hoping that the growing number of states that are changing their classifications of marijuana will help it to get reclassified on the federal level. Former Pres. Richard Nixon, who started the “War On Drugs” in 1970 under the Controlled Substances Act, wrongly placed marijuana in the Schedule I classification. A petition by the Coalition for Rescheduling Cannabis in 2002 has been the last attempt at getting marijuana reclassified on the federal level. 8 years ago was the last time we tried to get it reclassified!? We need to step our games up. So far, 4 states, Alaska, Iowa, Montana and Tennessee, also Washington D.C., have classified marijuana as a therapeutic substance.

As of right now, the biggest hurdle faced with getting marijuana reclassified federally from a Schedule I substance to a Schedule II substance has been the DEA and its Administrator Michele Leonhart. The anti-drug, George W. Bush nominated, former Los Angeles medical marijuana club raider, has been adamant about not supporting medical marijuana or its research. In 2009, she overruled a DEA administrative law judge and denied UMass Professor Lyle Craker the ability to grow marijuana for medical research. I’m just wondering why we would have someone running an “important” government agency when that person does not have the best intentions of that government’s population in mind.

Let’s hope that Administrator Leonhart cools her unjust prejudice towards medical marijuana and its research, and allows the thousands of people who would benefit from marijuana as a form of treatment to have that option available without the fear of consequence. Also, big ups to Oregon for getting on the right track.

Get tied up in it.

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