Oregon Residents Now Purchasing Washington’s Weed

The two states share a border and are both re-legalized. But, the best news is that the cops don’t care about small, cross-border traffic.


. . . The Portland police force said they were not concerned about the issue as long as residents do not have more marijuana in possession than the law will allow. Starting next month, anyone over the age of 21 is allowed up to an ounce of marijuana while not at home, and may have as many as eight ounces at home.

Portland Police Sgt. Pete Simpson spoke on the impact:

“We are not doing interdiction on people who are going there to buy their weed and bringing it back. Our drugs and vice division has not and does not focus on low level drug transfers of any kind. They are working large scale operations, which is not what we are talking about.”

Oregon residents have been traveling to Washington to purchase marijuana for some time now, as evidenced by sales data released by the Washington Liquor Control Board. One Vancouver shop’s sales numbers indicated that as much of 50% of its sales were made because of Oregon residents.

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[Image via: Google images “cannabis in Oregon”]

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