Osama Bin Laden Growing Marijuana [Probably Shwag]

In recent Osama Bin Laden news, sure to anger liberals everywhere and convince Republicans marijuana deserves a schedule 1 drug classification while their kids rip ROOR bongs in their renovated basements, marijuana plants were discovered near his Abbottabad compound. No word on the type of marijuana being grown, but we’re all guessing the Afghani Kush (even though he was in Pakistan).  More after the jump.

OK, the plants weren’t IN the compound, but on the periphery of his lot. Says the New York Daily News:

Reporters at Bin Laden’s million-dollar hideout discovered small plots of marijuana growing in the deserted lots on the compound’s perimeter.

The dope plants were planted on three sides of the compound, alongside some less sexy crops such as cabbage and potatoes, CNN reported Tuesday.

Despite Abbottabad’s reputation as a military city, the discovery is not surprising.

Pakistan makes about $4 billion a year from drug trafficking – though opium poppy is the drug-runners preferred crop.

There’s no sociological bric-a-brac to add that hasn’t already been written or blogged about at length once our NAVY SEALS went in and nailed him. He may or may not have toked up, but with all the opium flowing around there, and the poppy plants littering the hillside, it’s no wonder they would want to do some herb too. Drugs are drugs I guess, even for genocidal jihadists.

[Toke of the Town; NY Daily News, pic via boingboing]

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