Out Of State Entrepreneurs Travel To Medical Marijuana Business Academy


It seems the Medical Marijuana Business Academy attendees are flocking in from all around the nation. What are those individuals’ intentions? They intend to learn about the medical cannabis business, of course.

Every 60 days in the prestigious confines of a downtown Colorado Springs hotel, you can find people from all around this fantastic co1

republic of ours trekking in to attend classes that teach the finer points of operating a medical cannabis business.

Three c-notes and eight hours of your attention awards you a manual and in-depth instruction covering Amendment 20 and Amendment 60 business representations.

Curious parties have traveled in from Mississippi, Missouri, Utah, Arizona and Pennsylvania in order to absorb the knowledge needed for those that show interest in establishing their own cannabusiness.

“The questions are remarkably varied,” claimed KC Stark, the academy’s director, when referring to the reason why people are attending the course. “The interests are varied. Some want to grow marijuana. Some want to sell it. Some don’t want to do either. Some just want to come in and try to help with maybe delivery services or employment options.”


Stark proclaims education is the key element for persons with curiosities about working as a dispensary operator, cannabis cultivator or even with an investment interest. He feels his class provides attendees with “the right information so they can abide by state law.”

There are predictions of Denver becoming the United States’ answer to Amsterdam. Brent Dearmond, a cannabis cultivator from Colorado, claims although the cannabusiness may bloom in the near future, the road one must traverse in order to become successful in the industry will still be somewhat treacherous.

“It’s going to be a real big business boom, but I think people are going to realize it’s a lot harder than it seems,” Dearmond affirmed.

Load up the family truckster, roll up a few dozen cones and hit the “high”way to Colorado if you have an interest in the medical cannabis industry. The future is now, people, so get on board.

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